Our soaps

With a base of organic olive oil our soaps are filled with scents and flavors from nature. Vaissier was inspired by exotic flowers and French herbs when developing his soaps.

Our current range includes; Nenuphar (Water Lilly, Verveine (Verbena, Lemon grass), Lavande (Lavender) Bouquet Blanc (Jasmine, White Orchid), Thé Vert (Green Tea), Atmosphère (Eucalyptus, Thyme), Figue du Japon (Black Fig & Vetiver). All our products are free from parabenes and mineral oils. We use the best organic olive oil in order to ensure that your hands remain soft and beautiful. ​​

Thé Vert
Green tea has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries and makes the skin smooth and soft. A deliciously nutrient lled soap with mild, fresh fragrance and the best ingredients to remove dirt and grease. 

The magnificent pink water lily gives a fantastic oral aroma and helps to moisturize the skin in depth. The soap is packed with emollients and leaves a lovely silky feel.

Bouquet Blanc
This irresistible and moisturizing soap is filled with freshly picked jasmine and white orchid. Caring, gentle and with a fabulous aroma of sweetness. 

This refreshing soap is extracted from fresh lemongrass and verbena, which is known for its healing effects. It makes your skin clean and smooth with a fresh scent of sun-ripened citrus.

Figue du Japon
Enriched with organic olive oil, our Figue du Japon soap is naturally moisturising and bears a delicate fragrance of black figure and vetiver. The soap is inspired by Victor Vaissier’s classic fragrances developed in Paris 1889.

This upscale soap is filled with lavender and herbs from the south of France. Moisturizing, refreshing and with a wonderful aroma of summer.

Enriched with organic olive oil and infused with extracts of thyme and eucalyptus, the Atmosphère liquid soap will leave your skin invigorated and cleansed. The soap is inspired by Victor Vaissier’s classic fragrances developed in Paris 1889.