Noir 89
A magnificent room fragrance that mixes dark sandalwood with hints of oriental spices like musk. 

Figue du Japon
A delicate room fragrance with a blend of black fig and vetiver. 

Bouquet Blanc
A delicious room fragrance that blends floral scent notes of jasmine and white orchid. 

A lovely room fragrance that blends fresh scents of citrus, verbena and alyssum. 

Our Room Diffusers

The four current scents include Bouquet Blanc (Jasmine, White Orchid), Verveine (Verbena Lemongrass), Noir 89 (Sandalwood and Musk) and La Forêt (Red Currant, Evergreen, Juniper).  

La Forêt 
A magnificent room fragrance that blend red currant, evergreen and juniper.